Fingerprints in the making

The sun began to break my darkness as it crested into my world. The sounds of the pacific crashing into the white sands. The aroma of essence of plumeria filled the air that I breathed. This was paradise. A mom, a little girl (about 8) and a yellow lab entered my world and I entered theirs without them even knowing it. The mom unleashed the lab as his tail swirled around so quickly I wouldn’t have been surprised if he flew into the air like a helicopter. The lab pranced to the water running back and for right at the point where the pacific met the white sand. He was experiencing the best day of his life. This little lab was filled with joy. He reminded me of our Murphy at home. I continued to be a part of the mom and daughter’s world from a far. They walked along the wet white sand allowing the sand to ooze through their toes. They were chatting, mindless talk to them. The mom was leaving fingerprints upon her daughters heart, moments she didn’t even realize she was molding her daughter. One day the daughter will remember this day, when she is my age, and be thankful for those fingerprints. They continued walking as the dog continued his frolic in the pacific. The girl bent down and picked up something, she showed it to her mom. The mom merely shook her head and put the object in her pocket. The girl then pointed to a cluster of birds, pigeons of all colors, feasting upon seeds embedded into the grass. The girl slowly walked to the pigeons not allowing the pigeons to suspect anything. . . so sneaky she was. Then all of a sudden like a bolt of lightening, she chased the birds away from their feast. They flew in all sorts of directions. The little girl giggled with joy. Today I entered their world without them even knowing it. Today I observed fingerprints being embedded upon a heart.

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What I desire to learn in my 512 class

I believe what I desire to get out of this class is to be able to teach students concepts with the use of technology. I desire to stay ahead of the technology game with my students (or at least be closely behind them). I want to learn implementing technology even into primary elementary grades, making learning more fun for the students – as well as teaching in all forms of learning.

I also believe this education will make me more marketable as a teacher in obtaining a job.

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Living Life with Joy

Living a life full of joy is something I would hope most all of us would truly desire. I know I do – I think of things that bring me joy but those ‘things’ just bring me joy momentarily and I want inner joy that it burst out of me like a full throttle fountain, oozing all over from over abundance.   This is my desire to be filled with Joy that even in hard times that joy can still be seen and felt in me.

I believe this picture depicts joy – I once had someone tell me it was flamboyant.  Websters defines flamboyant as strikingly bold or showy.  I truly felt insulted when I was told this.  This picture has a story behind it as all pictures do.  You see, prior to this picture, you would not find me in the water at all, let alone laughing in the sand as waves enveloped my body.  My mom loved the ocean, she love jumping the waves, body surfing even at 84 years old.  My mom had this inner joy within her (which came from her relationship with Jesus).

I told a friend of mine how my mom loved the ocean and I wish I did like she did.  Don’t get me wrong – I love the beach, sitting in the sand, reading a book and sipping on some iced tea.  But a friend said ‘lets go out there – in honor of you mom’ So I did.  A wave knocked me down, a few times and we just laughed.  This picture wasn’t about being flamboyant but any means it was about sharing and doing something that my mama loved doing.  She wasn’t here to do it with but I did it to honor her.  I laughed so hard as the waves kept taking me in and out along the sandy shore line.  I had experienced joy.

I am seeking God’s joy, His abundant joy.  I want it to ooze out of me like a fountain overfilled with water. I want people to see that joy in me every day like it is seen in this picture.   In a few weeks I leave for Maui, in a few weeks I will roll around in the sand letting the waves take me in and out and I will think of my mama.


  1. A Flamboyant princess stopped by the house – Got to hug someone I love and care about.  I’ve missed you
  2. Sunday I signed up for a Bible study at church – I will miss the three out of seven meetings but I’m excited for friendships I will develop
  3. Jacob came and put in a new front door for us – it’s beautiful
  4. Someone from Ryan’s school sent dinner over – they are such giving people – give from their hearts.
  5. My honey got home from work early – he’s been doing that more often since babies are here hee hee
  6. Deanna came up to do ‘homework’ – she brightens my day. She got the keyboard together for me on my i-pad – I’m learning technology (getting a Master’s in digital technology for the classroom is actually kind of funny)
  7. Three beautiful grand-babies to love – in spite of colic
  8. Each day it is getting cooler – This last few days San Diego has had a major heat wave.  My hubby found these wonderful portable air conditioning units (naturally there were not available on the two super hot days) they have made a huge difference (especially in our electric bill)
  9. I am loved
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Irrational Dreams

Dream irrational dreams sounds so pointless and a waste of time.  What is the point of dreaming dreams that chances of becoming fruit are zero to none?    When we have a vision beyond our resources it becomes an irrational dream.  These dreams, I believe, are our inner passion that we have slowly killed to believe wholeheartedly they will never come to past.  We have lost that child-like hope of becoming whoever and whatever we dream of.

I love the thought of pursuing irrational dreams and seeing those irrational dreams become reality – why?  because when these irrational dreams become reality is when God’s hand upon the dream is seen.  He will is in the business of making irrational dreams a reality.

I have ‘forever’ wanted to be a school teacher.  I can remember this dream back when I was five.  My daddy and brothers built me this amazing playhouse when I was about 7 years old. It was a cool little house, it even had dutch doors on it.  However, I did not play house in it – I gathered neighborhood kids and we played school.  The dream I had of being a school teacher was evaporated like boiling water in a pan.  It became dry and pretty dead.  But the passion that God instilled in me was still aglow like embers in a dying fire.  At the age of 53 I chose to pursue a long lost dream, which to many seemed pretty irrational, to go back to school – obtain my B.A., Credential and Master’s degree.   My irrational dream is to be a kindergarten teacher at El Camino Creek Elementary at an age when most people are retiring.  Why?  It’s a passion that burns within my heart and God has been breathing his breath upon those embers making the flame burn stronger every day.

Irrational dreams are great – just dream – some of my irrational dreams are to vacation in one of those little huts on crystal blue waters, family vacations yearly with the whole family at fun locations, to go shoe shopping in Italy and take a cooking class, to pray WITH my husband, a huge tea party, to have Bambi live next door, and one dream that I am merely believing in for one of my girls – these dreams are dreamt because of a passion within my heart.


  1. Yesterday Desiree and I took all three babies to the doctor – they received gold stars – they are amazing.  I am blessed to love on these ‘irrational dreams’ of grandchildren.  They touch my heart in such a special way.
  2. I had an amazing mama.  Thankful for the fingerprints she embedded upon my heart. Because of her love for me I am who I am today
  3. The richness of relationship I have with each of my children
  4. My husband loves me abundantly, I know at times it doesn’t feel like it, but I know his heart.
  5. It’s been really hot here lately, makes me thankful for that evening gentle breeze
  6. Last night Ryan came home with dinner from one of the families from the school he teaches at – what a blessing
  7. thankful for that passion the Lord has instilled in my heart to be a teacher and thankful for Him breathing upon my embers throughout the years not allowing that dream to die.
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class 512

Copy of Tell me about your favorite teacher ever…

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. . . . . . .. .pause

Pause. . . . That moment in a speech which is commonly followed by words and or a statement that finishes the sentence with emphasis, usually with something to get excited over.  For example:  We are going for a drive  . . . . . . . to Disneyland.  The pause gives emphasis to the words that follow.  When we write, we use a ‘comma’ as punctuation to give a pause and get a breath.   Webster defines pause as a temporary stop.

I have been on a little journey of examining my dialogue with my Lord.  I am finding it is necessary for me to pray through situations, not just pray for.  When you go through something it is from start to finish and yes sometimes there are pauses.  I am finding that I  pray for certain situations and God responds – I will proofread His sentence and put a period in where he is intending a comma (a temporary stop).  When I do this I am not praying through (from start to finish).  I am not allowing God to finish so God has to start over again with me and repeat himself.    In the example I gave, “We are going for a drive . . . to Disneyland” – I am ending the sentence at drive – now there’s a huge difference between ‘We are going for a drive.’ and ‘ We are going for a drive to Disneyland’.  I need to stop inserting periods where God wants a comma.

Take the pause, pause to refresh and catch your breath.  Something good is about to happen.  Pray through the situation from start to finish.  God isn’t done with His sentence.


  1. Deanna came over for a quick visit with her boyfriend (he’s a rather amazing man for her).  I was in the garage folding clothes and she popped into the garage and gave me a hug and said, “I just want to tell you I love you”.  I have such amazing children.
  2. Ryan and Desiree blessed John n I with a gift card to an amazing restaurant that I cannot wait to try, the menu look ravishing.
  3. The moment my husband gave me a hug, in the midst of laundry, and told me ‘not bad for a grandma’.
  4. Laughter
  5. that moment when I step into the backyard, usually in the evening, and there’s this gentle breeze.  All is well at this moment.
  6. Going to Target with Desiree – she had such great excitement buying clothes for her babies (there were some rather great deals).
  7. I bought baby clothes for my future grandchildren (that have not even been conceived)  yes praying circles around them and believing!
  8. Aida sent me the greatest e-mail.  I am honored to be her maid of honor in October.  It’s a family wedding and she calls John and I family.  This is such a HUGE compliment.  Family is special.
  9. I am learning to pray through – learning to not put periods where comma’s are intended.
  10. I got to chat ‘online’ with Michelle last night, she has an amazing heart and in spite of difficulty she always has a smile on her face.
  11. That Ryan, Desiree, Charlize, Sawyer, and Jax live with us and I get to see ALL of them every day.
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On Friday I had the honor of viewing a celebration of life service for a man who loved Jesus so much he truly filled a room with joy when he entered it but it wasn’t just plain ole’ joy but Jesus Joy.   This man’s name was Terry Hines.   Anyone who met Terry knew he had something special – his smile made you want to smile even on your worst of days.  Terry didn’t have an ‘easy’ life – he had hurdles, as we all do, that he had to get over.  But it did hurdle jumping with joy and a smile.  Several years ago Terry was diagnosed with cancer; however, I never ever heard the man complain.  He always greeted you with a huge smile and gave the bestest hugs ever.  When you were with Terry he was truly present with your presence.  Even though you were in a room full of people he made it feel like it was just you and him.  (I admire this trait in people)  Terry always gave you a word of encouragement and allowed you to believe you could accomplish anything.  He reminded you how much Jesus loved you.  He always put a smile in my heart.

The Lord blessed Terry with Jesus Joy.  Jesus used Terry as His funnel – Jesus poured His joy into Terry and Terry let it flow right through him like a funnel.  Terry loved Jesus and it radiated through and out of him.   I want and desire to live my life daily with that joy.  I want to leave Jesus sparkle on people and leave my fingerprints upon their hearts.

I’m honored and blessed to have Terry Hines fingerprints upon my heart.  He is a true example of living a life a joy!


  1. Fingerprints of people  I love are embedded upon my heart, so I have a piece of them forever with me.  Those fingerprints aid in molding the future me
  2. I will be a fabulous teacher one day – I will leave fingerprints upon the hearts of children.
  3. I got a massage today, it was well needed and yea it hurt
  4. Murphy – I love that silly dog – he lives life daily with joy
  5. Nicole (Ryan’s sister) and her hubby Ryan came for a visit – they are amazing people full of love.
  6. the grass between my toes
  7. my husband, he loves me.  He looks at me when I hold the babies with a look of content – he simply enjoys watching me in my happy place as a grandma
  8. He will fill my mouth with laughter and my lips with shouts of joy  Job 8:21  My promise
  9. Be a funnel


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